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We are an association registered in the National Court Register. Our statutory activity range includes broadly-defined education linked with diving. As “Underwater Ambassadors” we take an active part in worldwide events promoting our country and region (Masuria – The Wonder of Nature). We also work as volunteers. We help disabled persons fulfill their diving-related dreams. We’ve conducted a series
of groundbreaking diving expeditions and underwater research trips, which were broadcasted a number of times by Teleexpress, Panorama, TVN Chile, National Geographic, Gazeta Wyborcza, Radio ZET,, Wieli Błękit, Nurkowanie, Podwodny Świat, Extrem ium, and others.

Our pioneering diving expeditions will help researchers better understand the hum an body’s reaction to extreme conditions. Let’s shift the boundaries of knowledge…

Offer for sponsors

  1. Information concerning the expedition and its sponsors will be covered by the media – (radio, television, websites).
  2. A photo session and movie will be made for the sponsor.
  3. Annual calendar with sponsor logo (special edition).
  4. Live feeds for the media from the expedition.
  5. Meetings, slideshows for schools, universities, clubs following the expedition.
  6. Photo expeditions, film shows with the sponsor’s products or logo.
  7. Articles, publications in the press with information concerning the sponsor (travel, diving, mountain climbing magazines).
  8. Participation in the sponsor’s trade shows, promotional activities
  9. Links to the sponsor’s website on websites dedicated to the expedition.
  10. The sponsor’s logo will be displayed on 3 large cars for one year.
  11. Upon the completion of our project, we will publish a book containing our sponsor's logo and company information.

Our strategic sponsors receive special package deals, which include diving lessons and trips to the Alps, organized by our team. Investing in us is worthwhile!

Informations about expeditions:

tel. 698656463 Łukasz Gaweł

tel. 501596193 Kamil Iwankiewicz

tel. 605541439 Bogumił Buczyłko


Honorary patron

Media patron





Planned expeditions

Celem projektu jest wspinaczka i przeprowadzenie serii nurkowań w najwyżej położonych jeziorach na naszej planecie na każdym z siedmiu kontynentów.


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