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Our plans

The Project
Lakes of the Crown of the World Project

The objective is to ascend and conduct a series of dives in the highest lakes on Earth, on each of the seven continents. Besides strictly sport-related endeavors, the project also foresees research for Polish research facilities in the fields of limnology, geology and medicine.

During the expedition we will be conducting pioneer medical tests relating to human physiology. The tests will be conducted in extreme conditions (30°C below zero and 450 hPa). Test like these have never before been conducted in natural conditions – both above and below the surface of the water.

We have already realized 3 out of seven planned expeditions, and managed to beat the world record in high altitude diving (lake located in the crater of Licancabur – 5916 meters AMSL). The record was formerly held by Ricardo Torres Nava – a famous scuba diver and himalayanist – who climbed two of the Seven Summits. 

The Lakes


5916 meters a.s.l

Bolivia, South America

The highest situated lake in the world

World record in March of 2009


3158 meters a.s.l

Italy, Europe.

The highest situated lake in the Europe.

August 2009

Lake of the Sun (Laguna del Sol)

4200 meters a.s.l

Mexico, North America

The highest situated lake in the North America.

April 2010


5801 meters a.s.l

Tibet (China), Asia.

The highest situated lake in Asia.

Planned for July of 2011


550 meters a.s.l


The highest situated lake in Antarktica.

Planned for February of 2012

Simba Tarn

4650 meters AMSL.

Kenya, Africa.

The highest situated lake in Africa.

Planned for July of 2013


2050 meters AMSL.


The highest situated lake in Australia.

Planned for December of 2014



Planned expeditions

Celem projektu jest wspinaczka i przeprowadzenie serii nurkowań w najwyżej położonych jeziorach na naszej planecie na każdym z siedmiu kontynentów.


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