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The Team

Kamil Iwankiewicz

Kamil Iwankiewicz, PhD. Politologist, economist, assistant professor at WSIIE. Spelunker, alpinist, participated in and organized mountain expeditions to – among others – Pamir, Kuakas, Tien-Szan. Diving instructor, expert in cave diving and deep diving. Expedition leader. Holds world record in high altitude diving.


Łukasz Gaweł

Professional diving guide. Participated in and organized diving expeditions to Africa and South America, equipment technician, expedition logistics. An enthusiast of sailing, skiing, motorsports.


Krzysztof Iwankiewicz

PhD student, Faculty of Maritime Technology at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. Participated in many technical diving expeditions, diving instructor, professional diver – III class. Equipment specialist.


Magdalena Buczyłko

Participant of diving and mountain climbing expeditions in Africa and Europe. Equipment technician and expedition logistics. Passions – skiing, diving and photography.


Bogumił Buczyłko

Participant and organizer of diving, mountain climbing and motorbike expeditions to Africa, America and Europe. An enthusiast of motor and winter sports. Alpinist – safety measure techniques specialist, safety line operation specialist and alpine self-help expert.



Planned expeditions

Celem projektu jest wspinaczka i przeprowadzenie serii nurkowań w najwyżej położonych jeziorach na naszej planecie na każdym z siedmiu kontynentów.


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